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Because not everything is worthwhile to everyone

Maybe you do not have a high pain threshold to endure laser treatments or, perhaps you cannot allow your skin to be peeling or red for a whole week. It could be, you do not have the budget to face several treatments, since not always a single one gives the expected results.


Maybe you are currently having treatments, but you want an effective system that helps you maintain and improve the results between sessions, or you just prefer a gentler approach.

Whatever your situation is, you have one thing in common with people willing to approach it more aggressively: you also want solutions to your skin problems.


Advanced cosmeceuticals correction in 7 steps

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​Joddor London stimulates positive changes in the most troublesome skin concerns: 

  • Skin aging: Fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots

  • Dry or dehydrated skin 

  • Acne and oily skin 

  • Dull, uneven skin tone and texture 

  • Hyperpigmentation, including melasma and photoaging 

  • Keratosis pilaris 

  • Sensitive and delicate skin, including allergy reactions, and dermatitis 

  • Loss of skin radiance and resilience 

  • Loss of firmness 

  • Persistently rough and bumpy skin 

  • Visible pores

Treating one of these problems is complicated. But what happens when you identify yourself as having several?

Professionals do not take the same approach against one problem as targeting different ones.


A newly transformed skin is now possible with Joddor London

With Joddor London you can treat all your skin problems at once just with 7 products, and get the results you wish for in just 6 weeks without aggressive products that irritate, produce allergies, dermatitis, and thinning your skin. It is a system with seven simple steps. The seven products work in synergy, which means one enhances the effect of the others. They are formulated to maximize ingredients’ benefits through “layering.”


Joddor London is a non-prescription cosmeceuticals grade skincare. Although it’s only available throughout the most reputable professionals. The system can be used by men and women, of any age, any skin condition, and any ethnicity. To get maximum results, we recommend purchasing the kit. Then follow the easy and clear instructions for application. 


Although organic and natural oils are powerful moisturizers - we used them too - your skin also needs science, technology, and good chemistry to get results when problems show up.

Natural Beauty


Dr. NAQVI has formulated THE SKIN THERAPY SYSTEM based on the transformation and education of the skin, for you to go from “I have these skin problems” to “My skin problems have disappeared.”


His several years experience in the cosmetology field have led him to know all the secrets to combine ingredients in the exact amount to correct behaviours at the cellular level.


When cells are exposed to continuous stress, like sun damage, pollution, or poor diet, they take on certain detrimental habits. They try to continue performing their functions, despite the difficulties. They can react by producing an excess of sebum (acne), too much melanin (spots), or other issues. This is called survival.

Under normal circumstances, they would not act that way. However, in adverse situations, they protect themselves to survive. There are two ways to re-educate those naughty behaviours:


  • Punishment: using aggressive products that rid of the cells without compassion. But they will be replaced by new ones that end up behaving in the same wrong way.


  • Education: improving their environment and creating more favourable conditions. They learn, little by little, to behave like another healthy cell.


Dr. Naqvi and S. EL-Bouziani have spared no effort to ensure that their formulations are not based on harmful discipline.


They stand up for a respectful education and this is why Joddor London is free of Hydroquinone, Parabens, Benzoyl Peroxide, Petroleum derivatives, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, or harsh additives.

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You are meant to use the seven products every day to get the desired results. The number indicates the order of application. The Cleanser is the only product you wash off from your skin. Even STEP 3 Exfoliator, leaves on. Check product application for further details.


Once you have the kit at home, some products will last longer than others. That's why you can buy them separately.


In the beginning, the use of Glycolic Acid and Retinol can cause a mild peeling on people who never used these ingredients before. That doesn’t mean your skin is having a bad reaction, quite the opposite. It means they are working to speed up the cell renewal process. If you have too many dead cells you could peel, but even if you don’t, the products are still working.

The System contains all the ingredients necessary to educate the skin, including retinol. All the products you need are included within the kit. The active ingredients need time to achieve effective concentration in the skin. It takes time for the new healthy cells to replace the older ones. 

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I am very satisfied with JODDOR London. The system has even out and enhanced the overall appearance of my skin tone. My pigmentations and sunspots have completely disappeared after six weeks of treatment. My old acne spots and scars have disappeared, and my skin became completely healthy and hydrated.

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This treatment is very good for me. As I am in the fashion industry, my skin was getting worse. But these products have given me a complete makeover.

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They were the best products I have ever used on my skin. I got into a routine, and the results were amazing. The products were extremely effective, both the feeling on my skin and the results. I would highly recommend these products.


Do you want to be the next transforming your skin?